Looking for business more broadly it is possible to understand the way the sectors interact, as well as interaction with the market.Integrated business management will act directly on it.

When we stopped to look at the sectors of the company as isolated parts we can see the whole and the best way to extract the full potential that they have in order to work together, as a great gear.

For this it is necessary to change the view of the sectors that is concentrated and expand to the whole. Concentrate all the information about the sectors and operations in a single system that will allow you to:

Improve internal communication

Email and important releases that impact on the entire project can be managed through an ERP system and all interested parties are aware sticks to keep the record of communication.

Reduce rework and waste

You can follow the progress of projects throughout the development process thus preventing access only when it is ready and have to modify all your structure to understand a point wrong only with the finished work. It is also possible to manage the human resources or inputs. Distribute them and allocate them more efficiently.

Record of all activities

ERP integrated management system will register all the Town Hall and all the activities and resources of all sectors integrated into the system. This will allow you to have a history and a monitoring of what is being done in each of them.