Centralized information and available to all, facilitating the day-to-day life of any company.

An Intranet can be the difference for their employees and the Extranet could extend this to their customers. Learn how to harness the benefits of Intranet and Extranet in your company.


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An Intranet is a private network, and used to help increase communication and productivity within a company, making access to information is much more efficient resulting in reduction of communication costs, increased availability of various work tools and integration of enterprise information systems.

In this type of project, NetSource conducts a study of the demand for information and integration of each department within the organization doing interviews with key members of each sector and defining the scope of the Intranet, from there, develop an information architecture for all Intranet grouping and sorting any desired content. Given this initial step, the NetSource initiates project development with interfaces, layouts, integration with legacy, follow up with the client and other activities.

Helping its customers and resellers to do more and better business.

A Commercial Extranet can be seen as an extension of the company to outside users by incorporating features of Business Intelligence, Financial Analysis, Purchase, Inventory Queries and Reports, all via the Internet and in secure environment.

Companies from different sectors have adopted this type of solution to integrate remote users to its internal ERP and CRM systems, bringing as main benefits:

Transparent information
Companies can collaborate with their representatives, dealers, customers and remote employees by providing clear and current information on financial positions, bond status, detailed information about their customers, goals and monitoring loads, among others.

Cost Reduction Direct
The exploitation of web resources brings benefits to the cost reduction in telephone communications by providing a worldwide channel of communication with local costs.

Better Relationships with Resellers and Representatives
A dealer or vendor is also a customer. As such, you must know your expectations, providing personalized information about products and services of interest, promoting their satisfaction.

Increased Availability Service
With an Extranet your company communicates with representatives and customers 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world, increasing convenience and availability on new businesses.

Reduced Sales Cycle
Through a new transaction channel, the time needed to make a sale is reduced at every stage of the prices the typing of requests, ensuring greater speed in the purchase and sale and increasing the company’s productivity.

Data consistency
Data is entered by its own representatives, dealers, customers or remote employees, canceling retyping by the sales teams, enabling the reduction of the occurrence of errors and ensuring 100% digital transaction.