The NS-NEWS is an email marketing management tool that allows the company make sending all electronic communication and advertising quickly, safely and with very high rates of return.



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Access data
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Password: demo

Integration with MS-Outlook Express and Oultook, to allow the customer to view the e-mail received on your computer without having to download pictures and content.

Registration of contacts with customizable fields;
Importing contacts with data entry in multiple formats and extremely fast;
Customization groups of segments according to their organization;
Group configuration allowing you to enter multiple contacts;
Imports Management screen, where you can see the progress and the status of imports made;
Advanced Search contacts with various search filter;
Export in 3 different formats (XLS, DOC and HTML);
HTML Editor easy to use for editing the piece to be sent and can create templates and facilitating the use of the NS-NEWS system;
Sending messages by threads or sending in one go;
Full reports of the post;
Image hosting service within the tool itself; (Free service);
Customization possibility of e-mail with the customer data;
Automatic link NS-News unsubscribe own;
Cleaning through a mailing invalid debug process;
Ease of integration with your Web Site;
Updates and Upgrades Free and constant;
Online and telephone service;